Los Viejos Woodworks


Artisans have been an integral part of New Mexico’s rich heritage throughout its history, particularly in northern New Mexico where people from many cultures have lived and worked together for generations.  There is a  a group of wood-working artisans located in and around the historic city of Las Vegas, New Mexico who refer to themselves as Los Viejos, The Old Ones.  They chose that name out of respect and dedication to the traditions of the wood workers from whom they learned their skills.  I consider myself very fortunate to have met these men and learned much from them during the time I lived there.

I invite you to see examples of the various types of projects I create; the links are in the upper right-hand of this Page.  Many of my pieces were made for an individual and for a specific purpose; each piece has its own story. I believe that my pieces are unique, unlike items you can buy many places which are often standard and mass produced.   My pieces are made from durable hardwoods from locations around the world and finished to be 100% food-safe.  I believe they are beautiful as well as functional. They are useful today and could become an heirloom for your family.

It is easy to get exactly what you want, a particular size, shape, type(s) of wood, etc.    If you have a specific item in mind, include a description or a photo.  If you see something that appeals to you, please contact me (losviejoswoodworks@gmail.com) to begin the creative process to make something to suit your individual needs and tastes. My pricing is based on the specific wood(s) you choose and the total amount of labor involved.  Customers have always been satisfied with the finished piece and the price.   My goal is work with you to create something that is useful today and will be a cherished part of your home and life for a long time.


Cutting Boards

There are two types of Cutting Boards shown on the Page.  Some are more conventional in design, essentially square and relatively thick; these are intended for serious cutting and/or chopping.  Other are somewhat thinner and can also be used as a Serving Piece once the cheese, fruit, pastry, etc. has been sliced.  As you can see, I have made Cutting Boards in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit a specific individual’s purpose.

Serving Pieces

This Page shows a wide variety of boards that can be used as Serving Pieces.  Some are inlaid with turquoise or coral for added effect.

Specialty Pieces

These are typically “fun” projects for me because each is unique and is usually a collaborative effort with the Customer.

Custom Furniture 

I believe that furniture should compliment its setting and people frequently need a specific piece to fit in a specific space; buying a manufactured piece in a store or from a catalog simply won’t work.  The finished piece of furniture must serve its intended purpose as well as add beauty to the surroundings.


I have begun a News & Updates Blog to provide information about current projects, etc.  This is also a place for you to provide feedback and comments.  I encourage you to visit it at your convenience.

Thank you for visiting the Los Viejos Woodworks website. I encourage you to explore each Individual Page in detail at your leisure.

Ralph Churchill

3 Responses to “Los Viejos Woodworks”

  1. Irene Baxter Says:

    where can we see a selection of bread boards – chopping blockss etc – we are only in town for one day

  2. Don Meyer Says:

    Hi Ralph,

    I go the cutting board OK, and it fits perfectly in the end of my dish drainer where I always kept the old cutting board, which has now gracefully retired after six years of faithful service. The new one is working great, and looks great too. Thanks so much. I enjoyed visiting with you at the art festival.

    May the blessings be.
    Love, Don

  3. Duane Sizemore Says:

    Cool stuff!!!

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