2012 Placitas Studio Tour

The annual Placitas Studio Tour is approaching.  As always, it is Mothers’ Day weekend, May 12 and 13 this year. There are almost 50 individual artists and many different styles and media.

Come to Placitas and enjoy the scenery and wonderful art!

I’ve spent a lot of time this past year listening to people who bought pieces from me as well as others who have made valuable suggestions.  I’ve tried to incorporate these ideas and design some new pieces for this year’s Tour.  These are some examples that will be available:


A 10 inch by 15 inch cutting board, made of walnut with yellowheart accent stripes that can also be used as a serving tray.
A 12 inch square cutting board made of maple and red mahogany that is certain to start a conversation with friends or guests.
  A large diameter (20 inches) Lazy Susan made from Yellowheart with a Zia Sun inlay made of Red Coral.
  Another 10 inch by 15 inch Serving Tray with a Turquoise inlay depicting mountains.
  A very colorful paddle-shaped cutting board, bread board or serving piece made fro Padauk, Yellowheart and Walnut.
  I was fortunate to find this colorful pink agate which is approximately 6 inches in diameter.  I believe it made into an exciting astrolabe!
  I am very excited about this astrolabe!  I took a 4 inch wooden ball and suspended it in Plexiglas so that it appears to be “floating”.  The overall size of this Astrolabe is approximately 15 inches in diameter.
  This 20 inch bread/cutting board is the ideal gift for a New Mexico kitchen!
  This Serving Tray is sized to accommodate two full-size plates for dinner on the portal.

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