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Web Site Update

June 16, 2017

I have updated and revised the Los Viejos Woodworks web-site.

There were many recent projects that I wanted to highlight, including some new designs and some new hardwoods.  I’ve organized the projects in several Categories: Cutting Boards, Serving Pieces, Custom Furniture and Specialty Pieces.

I encourage you to spend a few moments and look through the Pieces on each Page.

As always, I appreciate your interest and support.  I remain eager to work with you to create something truly unique and beautiful for your home or office. Remember, my Pieces make excellent gift items as well, for House Warmings, Wedding Gifts, Bridal Showers, BBQ Enthusiasts, Picnics, Outdoor Concerts, Wine Tastings, Card Parties, etc., etc.

Ralph Churchill

Lots of New Pieces

October 18, 2014

The past several weeks have been dedicated to creating a variety of NEW Hardwood Serving Pieces.  There are some new patterns as well as some new woods.  As always, all of my Hardwood Serving Pieces are designed to be USED!  But, they are still unique and attractive enough to be displayed; they are NOT intended to be “hidden” in a drawer in the kitchen.

These Pieces make excellent Christmas gifts, or as a gift to your Host at a festive Holiday gathering instead of the usual bottle of wine or fruit cake!

It is not too early to think about that special gift.  With plenty of time remaining, I can work with you to create your own one-of-a kind gift for a special friend or family member.

Contact me today:



Blame it on the NFL

September 21, 2014

Or, ISIS, or Ukraine, or the mid-term election campaigns, or any number of other things in the current news. I have decided to quit listening to and watching the news, local and national.  I plan to stay in my workshop for the majority of my waking hours and let the noise of my tools drown out the “noise”. There are only a few items available for sale on the website and I need to replenish many things in time for Christmas shopping. I appreciate all the feedback and suggestions. Stay tuned for listings on some new and, I hope, interesting pieces for sale SOON.

2013 Placitas Studio Tour

July 10, 2013

Thanks to everyone who stopped by during the recent Studio Tour.  It is good to see friends and neighbors as well as meet new people.  I appreciate everyone’s interest and comments.

My goal for the remainder of 2013 and early 2014 is to develop some new ideas in each category or style.

There was considerable interest in serving pieces inlaid with turquoise in a variety of shapes and sizes.

There was also a lot of interest in my bas relief carvings, particularly those with a southwestern theme.

Thanks again for everyone’s interest and support.  As always, I welcome and encourage your input, suggestions, etc.

Ralph Churchill

Kindle Stand & Charger

July 10, 2013

This clever piece was originally done for an iPAD, but I adapted it to accommodate a Kindle.  There are two “slots”, a slanted one for reading and a vertical one for charging.  The cord is comes into the stand from underneath and rests in the vertical slot.  There is an additional space in the back of the stand to store the charging cord.

Let me know if you would like one for your Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc.

Kindle Stand View 1

Kindle Stand Side View

Kindle Stand Rear View

Astrolabes for Sale

July 25, 2012

After considerable effort, I have developed a means to ship Astrolabes safely.

The finished Astrolabes can be safely shipped by securing each separate ring and packaging the entire assembly to prevent unwanted movement in transit.

I am pleased with this development and encourage you to visit the Agate Astrolabe Page to view the pieces for sale.  In adition to the agate centers, I have created some new models, including “floating ball” centers and decorative glass centers.

Astrolabes make excellent and truly unique gifts.

As always, I encourage and appreciate your comments and feedback.


2012 Placitas Studio Tour

April 24, 2012

The annual Placitas Studio Tour is approaching.  As always, it is Mothers’ Day weekend, May 12 and 13 this year. There are almost 50 individual artists and many different styles and media.

Come to Placitas and enjoy the scenery and wonderful art!

I’ve spent a lot of time this past year listening to people who bought pieces from me as well as others who have made valuable suggestions.  I’ve tried to incorporate these ideas and design some new pieces for this year’s Tour.  These are some examples that will be available:


A 10 inch by 15 inch cutting board, made of walnut with yellowheart accent stripes that can also be used as a serving tray.
A 12 inch square cutting board made of maple and red mahogany that is certain to start a conversation with friends or guests.
  A large diameter (20 inches) Lazy Susan made from Yellowheart with a Zia Sun inlay made of Red Coral.
  Another 10 inch by 15 inch Serving Tray with a Turquoise inlay depicting mountains.
  A very colorful paddle-shaped cutting board, bread board or serving piece made fro Padauk, Yellowheart and Walnut.
  I was fortunate to find this colorful pink agate which is approximately 6 inches in diameter.  I believe it made into an exciting astrolabe!
  I am very excited about this astrolabe!  I took a 4 inch wooden ball and suspended it in Plexiglas so that it appears to be “floating”.  The overall size of this Astrolabe is approximately 15 inches in diameter.
  This 20 inch bread/cutting board is the ideal gift for a New Mexico kitchen!
  This Serving Tray is sized to accommodate two full-size plates for dinner on the portal.


February 7, 2012

I recently completed an interesting project that expanded my perception of “landscapes”.  I incorporated a piece of agate into a wooden frame to capture the importance of natural minerals in the landscape.

After considering several forms, I settled on the concept of an Astrolabe. Each of the individual rings can be positioned independently so that the light captures the inherent variations in the mineral.  The overall dimension is determined by the size of the agate, but most are 12 to 15 inches in diameter.


I was pleased with the outcome and have made several more with different type of agate, including two spheres.  Finally, I used a piece of glass as the centerpiece.  I’ve created a separate Page for these Astrolabes.

I hope you find these as interesting as I have; I would appreciate your feedback.

New Serving Pieces

November 3, 2011

I’ve been busy over the past few months and have made a variety of new serving pieces.  All of these are shown on the SERVING PIECES FOR SALE page and I invite you to check them out!  There are plenty of items that would made wonderful (and useful) gifts for Christmas.

As always, I am eager to work with you to create that “special piece” based on your choice of size and shape as well as choice of hardwoods.  There are also a number of examples of serving pieces that have been inlaid with turquoise or coral.  I can work with you to incorporate a special inlay design or pattern into a serving pieces to create something truly unique.

Los Viejos Woodworks News

October 26, 2009

Welcome to Los Viejos Woodworks.

It is my intent to use this Page  as a series of Posts as a way to let people know about interesting developments at Los Viejos Woodworks.  This could include new projects, new and exotic hardwoods available, new techniques, etc., etc.

I invite you to share your interests, comments, suggestions, whatever.  My goal is for Los Viejos Woodworks to be an on-going learning experience and your input will enhance that process.

Thank you,

Ralph Churchill