Serving Pieces


There are many styles of Serving Pieces and many places to buy them; even the Internet carries bamboo products in a variety of shapes and sizes.  But these are all standard and mass produced.  Each one of my pieces is unique; they are durable, functional and totally food-safe.  They are hand-finished and meant to used.  They are useful today and could become an heirloom for your family.  Judge for yourself; look at these recent examples and see if you’ve seen anything like this in a catalog!  My inlaid boards are used primarily as serving pieces, although moderate cutting will not harm the inlaid material; just avoid “sawing” with a serrated bread knife!  Note that the BBQ set includes a “juice moat”, ideal for cutting and serving.  I’ve included this aspect on smaller pieces as well.

Bubinga & Maple Tray

Red Oak, Bubinga, Walnut

Walnut with Red Oak Stripes

Yellowheart with Padauk Stripes

Walnut with Turquoise Inlay

Canarywood with Coral Inlay

Suguaro Inlay Serving Tray

Chile Inlay Serving Tray

Rosewood Tray with Handles

Maple with Padauk Serving Tray

Walnut, Maple & Purpleheart Paddle

Medium Size Paddlle

Baguette Boards

Chile-Shaped Board

Maple BBQ Serving Tray Set

Baguette Board with Meats & Cheeses


One Response to “Serving Pieces”

  1. Wiliam Churchill Says:

    reat pieces of art to showcase your food creations.

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